Privacy Policy


(hereinafter reffered to as „Policy“, hereinafter reffered to as „Portal“)

1.            Protection of personal data

1.1          The Portal is operated and supervised by Company Vizaagentur, s.r.o., Identification Number: 03809943, with its registered office at Sokolovská 131/86, Karlín, 186 00 Prague 8 (hereinafter reffered to as „Company“). Company ensures compliance of the Portal with requirements of the laws of the Czech Republic, especially laws on protection of personal data.

1.2          Company is responsible for protection of personal data only from the moment of their receipt until their transfer to the Russian Visa Center, and then to the consular institution of the Russian Federation.

1.3          Personal data of an individual person who provides them directly or indirectly (hereinafter reffered to as „Customer“) and related documentation are processed with a previous consent and afterwards submitted to the Russian Visa Center, and further as stated above.

1.4          The scope and content of personal data on the Portal is also governed by the requirements of the Russian Visa Center and the consular institution of the Russian Federation.

1.5          Whether the Company or the Customer discloses to one another certain Confidential information it may happen only strictly pursuant to the related Terms of use and the conditions of confidentiality set forth in this Policy. The parties agree not to use or to exploit the Confidential information in any way.


2.            Processing of personal data:

2.1          Personal data and related documentation are processed with a previous consent of the Customer and solely for the purpose of transfering to the Russian Visa Center, and further as stated above.

2.2          The Portal does not allow processing of personal data that are incompatible with this purpose. The processing of personal data by using automation facilities or without the use of such facilities, includes the operations connected with collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, amending), use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking,  deletion or destrucion of the personal data.

2.3          Company processes the personal data according to the laws of the Czech republic, related  Terms of use and the provisions of Policy.


3.            Protection of personal data:

3.1          Protection of personal data processed by the Company is strictly regulated, protected by modern technical and software utilities against unauthorized or accidental access to the personal data, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, submitting, distribution of personal data by third parties, as well as other unlawful operations.

3.2          Company ensures the confidentiality of the received personal data or information and undertakes not to permit their distribution until the moment of their transfer to the Russian Visa Center, and further as stated above.

3.3          Personal and other data which becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of a disclosure which violates any term of condition of this Policy shall not be considered as Confidential information or which were already known to a party at the time it was disclosed.

3.4          Company may disclose personal data or Confidential information to its employees in compliance to the Terms of use and provisions of Policy, but exercising the same degree of care in maintaining the confidentiality and related personal data protection.


4.            Transfer of personal data to the third parties:

4.1          On the basis of Customer’s consent may be the processing of personal data assigned to another person or organization according to a related agreement, but the same degree of care of protection of personal data must be maintained.

4.2          The providing of personal data is not possible by request of legal representatives, family members, or by a power of attorney authorised agents.


5.            Terms of payment:

5.1          The payment for the services purchased on the Portal (e.g. orders of visa services), can be made by using the following types of payment:

• Debit card Maestro and Visa Eleсtron, if the bank that issued the card allows to make payments with it on the Internet;

• Debit card Mastercard and Visa, if the bank that issued the card allows to make payments with it on the Internet;

• Having paid the issued invoice (issued electronically) on-line via a bank payment terminal, or in cash at the registered office of the Company;

• Other payment method specified on the Portal and accepted by the Company.        

5.2          The use of the payment cards or banking systems belonging to another person is unlawful. The use of the payment methods must follow the relevant laws.


6.            Copyrights and others

6.1          Materials on the Portal, in any format, are protected by copyright law and are copyright to Company unless credited otherwise. It may not be copied, reproduced, republished, broadcast or transmitted in any other way than envisaged by the Policy or related Terms of use. Moreover, Company holds all intellectual property rights for all other materials provided for on the Portal.

6.2          The content of the Portal shall not be added, deleted, distorted, or otherwise modified. Any attempt to modify any material on the Portal will empower Company to enforce its rights to the extent permitted by the applicable laws.

6.3          All intellectual property rights in relation to the Portal are reserved and owned by Company.


7.            Dispute resolution and governing law:

7.1          The Policy shall be governed by laws of the Czech Republic, and any disputes in relation to it are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Czech Republic. Place of jurisdiction shall be defined according to the registered office of Company.

7.2          Disputes arising in connection with the use of the Portal will be but primarily resolved through peaceful and mutual negotiations of the parties.

7.3          The Customer agrees to set forth herein terms and conditions of personal data provision and voluntarily, without mistake, fraud or duress provides his personal data for further processing, as evidenced by a mark in the appropriate box “I agree to rules of provision of personal data”.


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